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Looking for tactical pistol, rifle and shotgun training? 
If so, you've found the right group.
Head Instructor Paul J Conforti
Phone: (914) 447-7281
Email: paul@aimsmallinstruction.com
Website: www.aimsmallinstruction.com   
We are a full service firearms training school and offer our clients the finest firearms training available. Our instructors are NYS certified law enforcement instructors. We hold NRA as well as FBI training certifications. Our primary instructor is the retired lead instructor for the City of White Plains Police Department and is both FBI and NRA certified in shotgun, rifle, and handgun. 

We currently offer NRA Basic Firearms Courses, NYS Armed Guard and Sporting Clays Training, as well as HR 218 qualifications, Tactical/ Home defense long gun training as well as the highly popular Tactical Pistol Club. The club meets monthly to train all in the use of the weapons that they already own.

We are dedicated to preparing all firearms owners with the training that is needed to be prepared to safely carry, use and defend oneself. We know that proper training is the key to safety and that without training you will never be prepared to effectively use your firearms. Whether you are a hunter who wants to be more proficient, a shooter who wants to develop self defense skills or a law enforcement officer who would like to stay qualified, we have a class or program for you.

Upcoming Training Class

- September 14th Shotgun Familiarization 

- September 15th Tactical Pistol Club (New Members Welcome) 

- September 21st Home Defense / Tactical Shotgun 

- September 26th NRA Banquet - Jefferson Valley

- September 28th Ladies Tactical Handgun

All courses are held at the Blue Mountain Sportsmen Center in Corlandt Manor, New York
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Private Shotgun Instruction
Beginners and New Shooters 
We are now offering private one on one shotgun instruction. Our live fire session is open to new shotgun owners who are looking to fine tune their shooting skills. 

We will cover shotgun safety, handling, types of shotguns, maintenance, types of ammo and their purpose, loading, unloading, clearing common malfunctions and shooting techniques. 

This is a live fire instructional session. No certificate provided on completion but you WILL walk away with a better understanding of firing the first shot, improved skill, improved accuracy and the ability to deploy your shotgun as a defensive weapon in and out of the home.

Cost: $150.00 (+ 7.375% tax)/2 hour session. 

- Loaner 12ga tactical pump action shotgun
- 40 rounds of ammo
- Earplugs
- Protective eyewear
- Targets
- Instruction and range fees

Its summer time and booking fills up quick.


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Tactical Training 

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